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Honda sold 16.8 million motorcycles in 2013


Honda announced sales of 16.8 million motorcycles worldwide in 2013, showing 8.7% rise in global motorcycles sales.

Sales were up is majorly because of its sales in Asia and Oceania, with Honda selling 12.96 million motorcycles in 2013, reporting an increase of 10.7 per cent in sales as compared to the 11.7 million motorcycles sold in 2012.

Though Honda does report a drop in Japan as well as its Europe, Middle East and Africa division. The company sold 2,19,000 motorcycles in Japan in 2013, down 1.2% from 221,000 in 2012. Although you might think that Europe, the Middle East and Africa would generate huge sales numbers for Honda, which were expected to achieve large sales numbers for the manufacturer, sales dropped 5.2% to 323,000 from 341,000 motorcycles.