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It is an authorized dealer of spare parts for Honda motorcycles and scooters, also dealer of F.C.C Clutch and Bando belt. 


All motorcycle spare parts and accessories sold by XY MOTO ACCESSORIES is either original or OEM, XY MOTO ACCESSORIES is getting stronger with its broad products and professional knowledge, level of competitive pricing, reliability, and timely compliance organization to meet the needs of customers.


XY MOTO ACCESSORIES puts greater emphasis on linking and train qualified personnel to enable it to continue fulfilling its commitments to its customers, suppliers and the financial sector.


Thanks to the organization, commitment, discipline, honesty and tenacity of the working group, XY MOTO ACCESSORIES is now a leading company in the sector, their sales grow year after year becoming the first option for customers nationwide tabs with the Business Vision .

Our Mission

In our mission XY MOTO ACCESSORIES market parts and Honda motorcycle spare parts, we focus on finding new ways to apply strategic commercial, technological and administrative innovations that facilitate business and human development for the benefit of all involved.

Our Vision

In XY MOTO ACCESSORIES seek to consolidate as the first option for all clients nationally and internationally in the market of spare parts for Honda motorcycles and scooters, supported by the quality of its people, its products and services.

Our Values




Territories Served

Entire China covers, serving major cities, secondary and populations where the potential exits. 
With regard to external markets, today customers from different countries and areas like Japan, Russia, Africa, Middle East and others according to custom of motorcycle use and the size of each market served.

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